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'NEW" Common Door Function - Offset Access Times


Based on customer feedback, Lockstate have released a new 'Common Door' feature* Many multi-lock customers have wifi locks on apartment doors but also have a main common door that either has a wifi lock or our wired ACS. Currently you can group locks so that the same code will open both doors. But what if you wanted to give guests access to the front door before your normal check in time? A typical scenario is guests arriving early and want to leave luggage in the lobby at 9am but cannot get access to their room until 2pm.  Now you can assign a different access schedule to the front door. For example:

Simon Smith - Code 3972 - Apartment 1 - Access Wednesday 2pm until Thursday 11am

Simon Smith - Code 3972 - Main Common Door - Access Wednesday 9am until Thursday 7pm

smartconnect portal

In addition guests can check out of their room and pickup luggage later in the day. This functionality can be applied to door groups, ACS and work with Airbnb.

*Pro subscription to the smartCONNECT portal is required. 


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  • Stuart Duncan