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New 7i Stainless Steel Cover Plates - Making installation easier!

New 7i Stainless Steel Cover Plates - Making installation easier!

'NEW' 7i Cover Plates - No More holes!
LockSTATE is a Worldwide Partner of Airbnb - Host Assist

LockSTATE is a Worldwide Partner of Airbnb - Host Assist

RemoteLock and ResortLock solutions from LockSTATE eliminate the problems of remotely managing property access, including: the expense and hassle of key exchanges, the disruption of early check-ins and overstays, and eliminates the security risks of unauthorized access. 

LockState is part of  Airbnb Host Assist and its smart locks are the type that allows hosts to become Business Travel Ready. Manage one or many properties with smartCONNECT, the smart lock management portal that:
  • allow travellers the ability to self-check in whenever they need to using Remotelock or Resortlock smart locks 
  • automatic code generation via the LockSTATE/airbnb integration
  • provides alerts for lock usage
  • lets hosts set permissions for service staff
  • and allows direct guest code extensions for late check outs, code removals for cancellations, and additional updates for security management.
Remotelocks and Mortice Latches

Remotelocks and Mortice Latches

What makes Lockstate Remotelocks unique in the smart lock world is their compatibility with mortice latches. The 6i and 7i are compatible with numerous existing mortice locks, meaning that you can most likely leave your existing lock in place and simply fit the Remotelock in place of the old handle.  This gives you additional security options as you can use the lower euro cylinder in addition to the Remotelock. We offer a range of compatible mortices that offer different functionality. The Zoo ZPL is a budget mortice with an independent Euro cylinder. The Salto has a connected euro cylinder and the Hafele has an automatic deadbolt (coming soon) The photo shows the 7i with the Salto XS4 and a standard keyed Euro cylinder. 

Want to know if your mortice is compatible? email a photo of your door and we will advise. 

Keys, Home-sharing, insurance and ibruprofen by Humphrey Bowles

Keys, Home-sharing, insurance and ibruprofen by Humphrey Bowles

The current home-sharing insurance environment can only be described as confusing, and that is before you even begin to consider the implications of keys.

I know from my experiences both as a host and working at the luxury home-sharing platform onefinestay how tricky managing keys properly is. Not only do you need multiple sets (think a minimum of 4 to give cleaners, meet and greeters, maintenance, and guests access) but every time those keys leave the confines of the heavily guarded safes, they are going to be at risk of being dropped, misplaced, left behind or being thrown out in the rubbish by an over enthusiastic cleaner. It’s easier to lose keys than keep them safe so it’s not surprising therefore that keys often go missing, and when that happens, locks must be replaced and yet more new keys issued.

Smart locks, as their name implies, are without a doubt an exceptionally smart way of solving not just this problem, but also other headaches around late check-ins’, dropping off parcels, and a myriad of other every day dilemmas. For instance, with LockSTATE’s Wi-Fi locks, you no longer give out keys and instead issue a unique time sensitive code for a set duration. This means that your guest cannot access the property before this time or after it expires. Their online portal is easy to use and you can create access codes for all your guests and regular visitors like the cleaner, handyman etc. You can also apply schedules so that the cleaner only has access in the morning, Monday to Friday.  From an insurance perspective, a code is much better than a key, you cannot lose the code and once it expires it will not open the door.

Ironically though, insurance is one of the biggest problems smart locks have in gaining traction as many insurers, require a standard deadbolt to be used alongside the smart lock, which in itself, doesn’t solve the problem as you then still need keys. But not any longer… at least not when you have guests staying.

GUARDHOG have given a stamp of approval to LockSTATE WI-FI locks. It means that if you’re insuring your home through GUARDHOG when you have guests staying, you can use your smart lock, and only your smart lock, to give your guests access to your home. So after all the pain insurance has caused, who knew that it was now going to be the ‘ibuprofen’ of the keys headache in the home-sharing world.


GUARDHOG is an insuretech innovator – re-inventing and re-imagining insurance designed for the sharing economy. Offering 24/7 on-demand insurance solutions – GUARDHOG gives the service users and service providers of peer-to-peer sharing economy marketplaces the power to share safely. Co-founded by Humphrey Bowles and Andrew Boldt in 2016, GUARDHOG is a new kind of insurer for a new kind of economy.  

Many genuinely believe Airbnb offer ‘insurance'. In fact if you read the small print they don’t, and they strongly encourage you to have your own insurance in place… which is where GUARDHOG comes in. With its HOSTCOVER product, GUARDHOG is already providing cover through over 50 sharing economy businesses – protecting both home sharing property owners and their guests. HOSTCOVER from GUARDHOG seamlessly replaces the parts of a normal home insurance policy that are invalidated when you share your home, and can be bought only for the nights you need it. In other words, only when you have guests to stay.


Using Mortice Locks with the 6i

What makes the Remotelock 6i and Resortlock different from other smart locks is that it comes in a mortice version. This means that in some instances you can leave your existing mortice latch and just replace the existing door handle. Lockstate offer a compatible mortice as does Salto. The video below demonstrates how you can achieve additional levels of security using the Salto XS4 mortice.


Selecting the Right Smart Lock for Short-Term Rentals

Smart locks are changing the way Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners manage and monitor their properties. Implementing a connected lock system at your short-term rental property will allow you to improve the security of your home, minimize the time you spend coordinating access, and eliminate the risk of guests being unable to enter your property.  Read the full article here by John Cargile