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The problem with ‘dumb’ door entry systems and short term rentals.

The problem with ‘dumb’ door entry systems and short term rentals.

Recently I visited one of our customers who had newly refurbished a block of six apartments to a very high standard. Each apartment was fitted with a Remotelock WiFi lock to give guests convenience and eliminate the hassle of keys. A brand new door entry system had been fitted to the main front entrance with an intercom in each apartment so that guests could be ‘buzzed’ in.

The installer was completing the installation and we had a chat about the system. I asked him how the vacation rental guest was going to get into the building on first arrival? quickly he replied, they ring the relevant apartment of course!  

I then pointed out that there was nobody in the apartment to let the guest in!  Eventually the penny dropped and he realised they had probably installed the wrong system.

Of course some modern door entry systems feature a numeric keypad that allows entry by code. But this still creates a problem for the landlord as new codes need to be created by someone at the premises. The lack of ‘connectivity’ prevents codes being added remotely and renders the system in effect, ‘dumb’

This inevitably results in the owner giving every guest the same code or changing the code every couple of months. So that guest that visited two weeks ago can simply return and access the building and the owner will never know it was them, it is security and insurance nightmare!

The smart solution is to have an internet connected door access system so that each guest receives a unique code that expires at the end of their stay. In addition this same code should open the lock on their apartment door. The owner/host should be alerted whenever a new guest uses their code for the first time.

There is a system that can do all of this and more and not break the bank.  Lockstate have been offering their ACS + WiFi lock solution for several years. Imagine being able to manage all of your properties and locks from one cloud based, dashboard. The smartCONNECT portal allows you to do this with ease. In addition, the Lockstate API enables integration with numerous booking platforms like airbnb, guesty and beds24.com  This means that the code generation happens automatically in the background.

No more meet and greets, no guests locked out, no more lost keys and no more lock replacements, in conclusion, saving the owner time, money and hassle.


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