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We now have the full Remotelock 5i range in stock, deadbolt and lever in Satin Nickel, Rubbed Bronze (Matt Black) and Polished Brass. 

In addition the 5i lever is fully compatible with our Salto mortice latches, giving additional security options. 

Remotelock 6i mortice and standard are also back in stock. 

  • Stuart Duncan

Group Locks for multi door access

Did you know that with the new smartCONNECT portal, you can group locks. Let's say you have a main common door on your building and an apartment within that building. Assuming each door has a Wi-Fi Remotelock or our ACS solution, when you create an access code, the same code will operate both doors for the same time duration. Furthermore you can group as many doors as you wish, you might have a luggage room so the access code will work on 3 doors. Our Lockstate ACS common door solutions are not displayed on our website so please contact us for more information.

  • Stuart Duncan


You will see that we are almost out of stock on the WiFi locks, this will change this coming week as we have a new shipment arriving including the new 5i Remotelock. We will also have the new Lockstate Wi-Fi camera. We are also releasing our new management portal.
  • Stuart Duncan

Using Mortice Locks with the 6i

What makes the Remotelock 6i and Resortlock different from other smart locks is that it comes in a mortice version. This means that in some instances you can leave your existing mortice latch and just replace the existing door handle. Lockstate offer a compatible mortice as does Salto. The video below demonstrates how you can achieve additional levels of security using the Salto XS4 mortice.


Best smart locks of 2016

Good article here on the best smart locks of 2016, it features our Remotelock 500i Deadbolt. It is a shame that they missed out the Remotelock 6i.
  • Stuart Duncan

Selecting the Right Smart Lock for Short-Term Rentals

Smart locks are changing the way Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners manage and monitor their properties. Implementing a connected lock system at your short-term rental property will allow you to improve the security of your home, minimize the time you spend coordinating access, and eliminate the risk of guests being unable to enter your property.  Read the full article here by John Cargile