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Mobile-geddon! From cash to cameras, smartphones are killing off our everyday essentials


  • Futurist Dr Ian Pearson believes handsets are the new Swiss Army knife
  • This is because they offer users multiple tools in a small space
  • He predicts everyday essentials will be made redundant thanks to phones
  • Casualties include cash, keys, mirrors, cameras and guide books

  • From cameras to address books, our pockets and handbags already feel lighter compared to ten years ago thanks to the rise of smartphones. Futurist Dr Ian Pearson believes handsets are the new Swiss Army knife because they offer users multiple tools in a compact space. And by 2025 he claims many of our everyday essentials will be rendered completely redundant as devices become more powerful and ubiquitous.  Over the next decade it is estimated more than eight billion people will use at least one smartphone, making it the go-to gadget for our daily lives.

    Dr Pearson revealed the list of endangered tools in our homes, pockets and handbags he believes will soon become extinct, in collaboration with TalkTalk Mobile.

    At the top of his list are keys. 

    'The days of digging through handbags for house keys and cursing after locking our car keys inside the car will be fading by 2025,' he said.

    'Near-field communication (NFC) technology will enable us to lose those elusive keys for good. With a tap of the phone doors will open wide, with fingerprint recognition keeping our virtual keys safe.'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3192634/Mobile-geddon-cash-cameras-smartphones-killing-day-essentials.html#ixzz3j5cnNHDE 

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    • Stuart Duncan