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Selecting the Right Smart Lock for Short-Term Rentals

Smart locks are changing the way Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners manage and monitor their properties. Implementing a connected lock system at your short-term rental property will allow you to improve the security of your home, minimize the time you spend coordinating access, and eliminate the risk of guests being unable to enter your property.  Read the full article here by John Cargile

What differentiates the Remotelock from other smart locks?

Our lock is still the only direct cloud-controlled WiFi lock with a keypad. With the RemoteLock you simply connect using your existing WiFi router while other lock companies require complicated installation of new network equipment to talk to their locks. Also, while the RemoteLock can be controlled with a smartphone app, the keypad allows guests and travelers to open the door with a simple pin code. Other locks require guests to download an app onto their phone, complicating the guest’s experience and locking out travelers if they forget or lose their smartphones.

  • Stuart Duncan

Wifi Connected Products and Battery Life

Our locks communicate through your regular Wi-Fi network, however they’re not always connected to this network. Once your lock is attached to your network, the lock will begin checking in with our servers on an interval. This setting is customizeable in your lock’s settings. Just be aware that the shorter the interval, the shorter your battery life will be. We call each update a “Heartbeat.” Each time your lock heartbeats it will check for new commands, such as locking or unlocking your door or receiving a new schedule or user code. The lock will also check for a time update each time itheartbeats to make certain that your time is always correct at the lock.

This heartbeat interval is used to save battery power in your lock, however it does create a few scenarios. For instance, if you need to unlock your door remotely (from our website) then it will not actually receive the command to unlock until the next heartbeat interval is reached. If you need to force the lock to update for whatever reason then simply press any number button on the lock to force the lock to “wake up” and connect to Wi-Fi to check for updates and commands. For instance, if you have someone outside you house that you wish to let in, but don’t want to give them a code, simply tell your lock to unlock from our website, then instruct that person to press any number button and wait about 20-30 seconds and your lock should execute that command.

Remotelocks now available in the UK - 10% discount


Finally the smartLOCK website is live. We have a range of wifi enabled security products available with free shipping. We have an opening offer, 10% discount off any product. Simply email us using the contact form and we will email you back the discount code. Expires 6th July 2015.

  • Stuart Duncan
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